The Sabrina Series

The Sabrina Series

     100% of the proceeds from the sale of these pens will go toward the adoption process and medical costs for Sabrina Xin.

     This pens are made from wood to represent the country where Sabrina Xin is from or commemorate her adoption.  Choose from 24kt Gold, Rhodium (a Platinum family metal, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity), Titanium Nitride, Chrome, Brushed Satin, Black Enamel, or Gun Metal (shown).

     Choose from Pink Ivory, Chinaberry, Wild Olivewood, Curly Pyinma , Caramel or Natural Bamboo, Spalted Maple Burl (not shown), or the Chinese Character for "Good Fortune" (not shown). 

The Cap

      At just over 5 inches long, this pen has a fantastic feel with the majority of the weight at the hand.  

     The Bamboo is smooth to the touch and since it is a renewable resource, this pen offers the "Green" conscious individual the perfect environmentally friendly writing instrument.


The Tip

     Elegantly shaped with a smooth twist mechanism.
     Twist the cap to extend the Parker ink cartridge for a smooth writing experience.

All pens will be made to order.

A.  Gun Metal made with Caramel  Bamboo 

B.  Gun Metal made with Natural Bamboo

C.  Chrome made with Pink Ivory                                                  $40.00

D.  Rhodium made with Chinaberry                                              $40.00 

         (Bamboo detail optional)

E.  Black Titanium made with Wild Olivewood                              $40.00

F. 24kt Gold made with Curly Pyinma                                           $40.00

G.  Brushed Satin made with Spalted Maple Burl                         $45.00

H.  Black Enamel made with Inlayed Chinese Character             $55.00

     "Good Fortune"






Mix and Match Platings and Wood*

* Note: Spalted Maple Burl and the Chinese Character Inlay are available at an additional cost from the others platings and woods.

If ordering more than one pen, please contact us for an invoice.

Photographs by Josh Rubino

© 2013 by Sean Rubino. All rights reserved.

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