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Back to Nature provides quality, hand crafted products.   

 Choose from the following categories.

Brush handles that fit both MPF and Smile Line replaceable brush tips will be available soon!  Also, a set of brush handles, knife, and custom box for storage is coming soon.

Fine wood accessories made to be worn for every occasion.  Some made to accentuate the wood grain and figure, some gilded with fine metals with a patina finish, and some with a mix of wood and metal.  These will be sure to please.

All pens and stylus are hand turned from fine exotic wood species with quality metal accents.  

Give your autograph with a unique, hand made pen.  If tablets are your style, choose a stylus for an easy, scratch-free writing experience.

Furniture repair/refinishing available upon request

From bowls to book cases, live edge tables and shelves.  If you have a taste for unique, high-end, custom made furniture then this is the place for you.   
End-grain cutting boards, pizza slicers, ice cream scoops/paddles, bottle stoppers, salt and pepper mills, and old-fashion coffee grinders.  It can all be had here!  This is your domestics destination.
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